Disposable 5-Ply 3D Design Medical Surgical Mask

/Disposable 5-Ply 3D Design Medical Surgical Mask

Disposable 5-Ply 3D Design Medical Surgical Mask


Style No.: ZKM-02

MOQ: 100 thousand pieces

Disposable 5-Ply 3D design medical surgical mask

Features :

– 5 Layered Filter

– ≥95% Filtration Efficiency

– Flexible 3D & Ergonomic Design

– Comfortable & Breathable


Constructure:5 layers with earloop and built-in nose clip
1st Ply:50g/m² Non-woven fabric
2nd Ply:25g/m² Melt-blown fabric
3rd Ply:25g/m² Melt-blown fabric
4st Ply:50g/m² Non-latex cotton
5st Ply:25g/m² Non-woven fabric
Accessories:Built-in Nose Clip, Stretchable ear loop
European Standards Complied:EN14683:2009+AC:2019
Type:Type IIR
BFE Filtration Efficiency:≥98%
Particular Filteration Efficiency:≥95%
Fluid Resistant:Yes
Size Fitting:3D design forms a tight seal over the mouth and nose that fits well.
Reusability:One-time use only
Size:15.5cm x 10.8cm
Weight:0.3 oz (8.5g)
Box Size:13cm x 13cm x 11cm
Qty in Box:20 Pieces
Intend Use :The medical-surgical mask is designed to be placed over the mouth and nose of a healthcare worker to permit normal breathing which protects the patient and wearer from the transfer of large particles in an opening room or during other medical procedures and patient examination.
Protect Against:Airborne bacteria & viruses, pollen, pet allergens, smoke, haze, smog, sawdust, dust, coal dust, diesel exhaust fumes, factory emissions, construction work fumes, PM10, PM2.5, VOC, Ozone, Benzathine, Formaldehyde.


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