Medical Protective Safety Eye Protection Goggles

/Medical Protective Safety Eye Protection Goggles

Medical Protective Safety Eye Protection Goggles



MOQ: 10 thousand pieces

Medical Protective Safety Eye Protection Goggles 

Features :

Anti-Fog to have better vision

Anti chemical / droplet /linquid

High transmittance of len

Elastane tape comfortable to wear


Product NameMedical protective safety eye protection goggles Materials Lens (polycarbonate)+frame (environmentally friendly PVC)+ strap (elastane tape)
Production Size :180*80*60mm
Weight :68g
Colors :Transparent
BrandZK or Customized
Warranty :2 Year
Certification :EN166 ANSI ISEA Z87 GB14866
Application :Goggles are common eye protection equipment, used to prevent droplets and liquid splashes in different scenario.
Application method :1) Disassemble the polybag, take out the medical isolation eye mask product (no installation required).
2) Put the elastic band on the forehead and adjust the length according to the appropriate elasticity of the grid.
3) Make sure the product packaging is in good condition and within the validity period; take off the goggle protection films before using it.
Application notice :1) Please read the instruction carefully and make sure fully understanding before using.
2) This product is suggested to use only one single time, do not repeat or multiple use to avoid cross-infection.
3) This product is not made aseptically, do not use when damaged.
Storage and transportation condition : Please store in a clean, dry and ventilated room with relative humidity (10% -90%) and temperature (5 ° C-35 ° C) to avoid corrosive gases

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