The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommends that people over the age of 2 wear different types of face masks in public settings to protect against the coronavirus. It is acknowledged that wearing different types of face masks, such as FFP2 face masks and disposable surgical masks, has become the consensus among the public. 


However, one of the biggest problems of prolonged face mask-wearing is it will cause tremendous physical discomforts, such as breathlessness, allergy, irritate of the skin and ears, etc. In this circumstance, we will share some relevant tips to help you relieve the discomfort caused by long-time face masks wearing. 

What to Do About Acne And Allergy?

Wearing different types of face masks for a long time creates a more closed environment. The space between the skin and the mask is muggy and humid, accelerating the reproduction of propionibacterium acne and mites. In this situation, the skin covered by the face mask will occur acne, acute redness, and itching. 


In order to relieve the acne and allergy, the best solution is to change your current face mask into a more breathable and high permeability face mask, such as a disposable surgical face mask. Meanwhile, if your symptom is still serious, you should seek the help of a proficient doctor and apply hormone ointment under the guidance of a doctor. 


What to Do When There Are Strangulation Marks on The Face?

The strangulation marks are normally caused by the heavy pressure brought by the tight ear belt and nose clip of different types of face masks. The simplest way to avoid strangulation is to change a mask with the appropriate size, material, and type. The FFP2 face mask, made from high filtration efficiency materials and can loosely cover the mouth and nose, is your ideal choice to avoid strangulation. 


In addition, according to your situation, you can appropriately reduce the time of wearing different types of face masks. For instance, the place where the personnel is relatively fixed and the environment is comparatively safe and clean, and the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology Association) recommends you relieve the skin pressure by taking off the mask and resting every 3~4 hours.

What to Do about Dyspnea? 

A research study has found that wearing different types of face masks with several layers and air-tight may restrict breathing, especially for people with severe breathing disorders. In this situation, the AAD suggests you choose face masks that are snug with at least two layers of fabric. Not only this, but the AAD also advises you to remove your face masks in safe places where you are alone or somewhere outside where you can see no less than 6 feet away from people. 


The disposable surgical face mask from ZHENG KANG, made of 3 layers of breathable melt-woven fabrics, can comfortably fit your skin with high protection. If the symptoms of dyspnea, dizziness, and breathlessness cannot be relieved by removing or changing the mask, you should seek medical advice in time to find out the causes.



Now you must have an explicit understanding of various discomforts caused by wearing different types of face masks and their mitigation measures. Therefore, you need to choose the breathable and moderate size of the mask to wear to ensure your safety and comfort. 

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