With the abrupt outbreak of COVID-19, people around the world began to hoard medical protective equipment such as surgical face masks, medical safety goggles, medical protective clothing, etc., which led to the shortage of medical protective equipment to some extent. Under such a critical environment, World Health Organization established an urgent program to distribute medical supplies to countries worldwide.

Medical staff working in a high-risk environment is imperative for safety goggles, which are essential medical protection resources, especially during this epidemic. A copious number of safety goggles suppliers are dedicated to producing the best safety goggles for medical protection. According to the statistics shown in WHO 2020, the international demand for the best safety goggles is far more than 1.6 million pairs per month to respond to COVID-19.

We seem to be curious about why people pay efforts to purchase the best safety goggles. You will be suddenly enlightened after we are sharing with you several features of the best safety goggles.

Top 3 features of best safety goggles

The safety goggle is a type of medical protective equipment which is worn by medical staff and other related personnel to protect the eyes from infection. A typical safety goggle is generally made up of lenses, frames, and elastic straps.  

  1. Corrosion resistance

The best safety goggles are passable to prevent the erosion of some highly corrosive potions. It is a prevailing thing for a health care provider to touch toxic liquid or people to get something worse unintentionally.

For example, under the circumstance of the coronavirus, people who communicate with potential patients can keep themselves safe by wearing the best safety goggles that prevent smaller bacteria in saliva from getting into their eyes, thereby reducing the chance of infection.

Or, when the health care provider is doing close operations like tracheotomy for the patients with respiratory infectious diseases, safety goggles play a vital role in preventing blood, body fluids, and secretions spilling.   

  1. Impact resistance

The best safety goggles have the function of struggling with the impact to avert eye injuries caused by objects produced during the surgery or communication. It is acknowledged that those high-quality best safety goggles have become an indispensable part of medical staff or other personnel who are directly exposed to the virus or some toxic liquid.  

Exceeding many safety goggles suppliers use polycarbonate as the raw material to produce safety goggles, which has merits like impact resistance, high transparency, low price, and easy machining.

E.g., For ordinary people, who want to have superior protection in a harsh environment with dust and ashes, the best safety goggles are of great necessity to resist the sand. Moreover, for the scientific research personnel, wearing safety goggles can prevent the impact of spilling liquid in the laboratory.



  1. Anti-fog

The best safety goggles should have the element to ensure that the medical staff’s vision is clear. As we all know, due to the outbreak of coronavirus, medical staff are commanded to wear safety goggles. The foggy lens, which is caused by a long time wearing, will hinder the sight of the human eyes. There are two reasons why medical goggles will fog.

On the one hand, medical staff must wear face masks that are in good airtight performance for a long time. However, with the prolonged wearing time and the progress of operation and communication, the airtight performance of the mask will decrease. So, this will lead to gases escaping from both sides of the nose. And then entering the goggles through the upper edge of the mask.

On the other hand, when there is a significant temperature difference between the goggles and the environment, the surface of the goggle will condense water mist. It is because the temperature drops and the water vapor condenses into water droplets. Thus, the goggles are fogged with visibility reduced and vision blocked.

It is worthwhile to mention a Chinese safety goggles supplier, ZHENG KANG, is dedicated to furnishing the best safety goggles with a more durable anti-fog function.

The product from ZHENG KANG uses a new material named nano antifogging coating to prevent the formation of fog. Due to the super hydrophilic property of the material surface, the surface tension of water is increased. Thus water cannot form a water droplet on its surface. Under this condition, it helps medical staff to have a clear vision.

Besides, the safety goggles achieve the qualifications of EN166, ANSI, ISEA Z87, GB 14866, and so on. The soft and cozy texture of the material provides medical staff the best wearing experience with high comfort, and people won’t feel suffocated.



The coronavirus has led to radically increased requirements for safety goggles. The constant menace of invading germs has made these coverings a vital factor in our everyday health. Due to the obligatory demands to wear one for medical staff, some prescient businessmen firstly come into the market to satisfy the requirements of best safety goggles.


Now after conscientious analysis about the features of the best safety goggles, you will have directions to figure out which safety goggles suppliers you are going to choose. ZHENG KANG is an experienced safety goggles manufacturer that you are worthy of trust. We provide you safety goggles that contain all traits of the best safety goggles! We are always in accordance with the national standard and obtain the CE certification for safety goggles. Thus, we are your loyal partner who can provide high-quality and cost-efficient safety goggles with the best service.